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Making Us Great Together

If you want some answers to "What does it take to have a wonderful relationship or marriage?" here are some tips. The first tip on what it takes to have a wonderful marriage or relationship is to realize that everyone has arguments. Couples fight, no matter how compatible or in love they are. No argument is going to hurt a relationship as long as each fights fair. What this means is that the argument should be about the issue at hand.

Neither partner should be going back to things that happened way back when, dredging up old issues and old hurts. Name calling and denigrating comments should never be a part of any argument, either. If you are tempted to yell, or start being mean because you are that angry, walk away.

When the two of you are both cool enough to talk calmly then each should express your reason for displeasure with the other. This is part of what it takes to have a wonderful relationship or marriage. Respect is a very important ingredient in a great relationship as well.

Don't take your partner for granted just because he or she has been with you for years and loves you. Listen when your partner talks, and let them know they're important to you, and their opinion is as well. If you finding yourself struggling to follow through, think about how you would act if this were a friend, or even a stranger that you meet in public. How polite would you be to them? That is the way you should treat your partner. That is part of what it does take to have a wonderful relationship or marriage. A great marriage or relationship is a union of two best friends.

Some relationships begin with two people who are good friends and then develop a physical attraction for each other as well. Others start with chemistry, and great passion, that, once the honeymoon phase of the intimacy has past realize they've also became each other's best friend. In either method, the friendship is what's vastly important to having that wonderful marriage or relationship.

Equality and sharing of mundane workloads that neither really enjoys, doing the dishes, washing the clothes, raking the yard, and so forth are part of having a wonderful relationship or marriage. Stepping up and lending a hand to your spouse is not only a way of lightening their load but also brings you two together in the completion of a common task. This can also be quality time shared as well. There's nothing worse in your attempt to build a great relationship than assuming that your spouse is subordinate to you, and the only one second-class enough to complete these mundane little tasks. These, then, are the primary answers to the question, "What does it take to have a wonderful relationship or marriage?".

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Making Us Great Together

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