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Dating the right person

So, you finally scoped out that person who seems to be the one for you now your probably thinking, "How the HECK do I actually start to go out with this person?"

Well there are several ways, and they may seem quite impossible, but really, they can be accomplished!:)


  1. You can go up to the person and ask them if they want to go on a date. This one is the hardest but seems to be the most effective, just work up the courage to ask the person, try practicing what you are going to say with a friend or by yourself with a mirror.


  2. If you have a mutual friend, you can find out if the person likes you. This one is somewhat corny but if you don't have enough guts to do it yourself it works, just make sure you can trust the person who is finding out for you.


  3. Ask the person through a letter, or be a secret admirer. Just leave some notes so the person finds them, or think of something cool so it isn't the same thing:) Just remember the more creative, the more memorable, so just try brainstorming with friends.


  4. Have a friend "set you up." Having a friend set you up will make it a lot easier on your part and maybe the person will ask you on the next date. This way is best to do as a group date. Your friend can just say something like "Hey, a whole bunch of us are going out, would you like to come with us? My friend (insert name here) will be there, you guys would get along great!"

    Some of these are easier than others, but you should decide what is best for you. You can brainstorm with some friends for new and creative ways to ask a person. And if the person says no, don't worry, as mothers always say "there are many more fish in the sea." You just need to look a little bit harder!:) Just remember dating is for fun, your life doesn't depend on it, and you don't have to find your soul mate on the first try, look around he/she will pop up one day! Good luck and don't forget to relax and don't stress out too much!

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