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Find the right person

You seem to have looked everywhere for that "perfect" person, and you haven't been successful.

Many teens feel the same way you are right now as you read this article, "There aren't any good people out there for me!"

Are you sure you know what you are looking for?

Try making a list of what you think is important in the person you want, I.E. has to be friendly, and care about others feelings. Making a list can sort of help you zoom in on who you really want, and who you don't want to get close. But, don't be too picky, with things like, has to have blonde hair, and bright blue eyes, and plan on going to college with a medical major. Being that picky, you may overlook some people who would really be awesome.

Are you looking EVERYWHERE?

Are you sure that you aren't overlooking some people. I know a lot of times it may seem "uncool" to go out with someone from another "clique" but if you don't look there you may be passing up even more opportunities to find a great relationship. A lot of times relationships come where you least expect them, so keep a watchful eye for someone special, you may just find them someplace you never dreamed of

Try getting involved in activities you enjoy

What better way to meet someone that you have something in common than at marching band? Basketball? This way you are one step ahead of the game, you found someone you have something in common with!

Just keep your hopes high, and your eye watchful, because relationsips come where you least expect them!

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