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Love At First Sight

Do you believe in love at first sight? Has it ever happened to you or to people you know? What do you think attracts people to each other? Psychologist have carried out research that it takes us only a few seconds to make up our minds if we are attracted to them, and we decide their suitability as a prospective partner. Looks and body language are what we look for in the first instance. But we pick or choose points as to the persons history and their personality from their voice and the way they talk.

How is a busy and success woman going to find a partner for marriage in this day and age? Men do like to be the boss and if the woman earns far more than them, and she is more dominating in a business environment. Most men shudder to think what will the future be like with her? Even if, she is the sweetest person and more than anything just like the girl next door. It is a known fact that men are intimidated by a more powerful and successful woman. If you are man reading this article don not deny it. What differentiates her from other females? Is it because she is successful in business and in life? Most men run a mile if she is more powerful.

In this century, women are beginning to exert their presence in power, so this will be a problem for the man who is not equal to her and puts his tail between his legs and legs it. It remains to be seen if men will come out and start to be comfortable with the idea. Although, there are lots of women seeking to meet a man who exudes with power and money and can give them a better life than what they have presently even though they are not exempt for wanting their own success. Parents can put a tremendous amount of pressure on daughters who have not yet married or met a man who has filled his space.

Meaning who has earned the right to be in a financially comfortable situation and is able to provide the good life factor. Without digressing there still a huge amount of females still looking for their ideal mister right so, men need not worry too much as there are others for the picking. If they come across a woman who somehow has made it to the top without their help or support they have other kind of women who are reliant on men providing financial support for a better life. Here is the situation: A powerful and successful woman who has been too busy to find herself a partner for marriage. What can she do, to change the situation? If she is clever which I think she is what options or strategy should she use to get her man? I believe you will have to go to the source or the honey pot which will not be easy to find.

But, if you think about it you can solve the problem. She will narrow her options; look for an intelligent, highly motivated man aged 30 plus. So, she can zero in on high-brow charities and political functions. She has to definitely re-work her image not easy if you have had a particular style for donkey years.

But is essential as I will explain, she has to get advice from professionals( she can afford to) As a power broker her dress sense is geared to business, but to attract the right man it has to change to more sexier approach. Women focus on their mental and emotional peer in a partner, men focus on looks and the chemistry first. Especially if she is over 35 she has to look at her appearance and work on that initially. It did not sit well with her changing her look as she has feminist instincts, but if she wants to attract a possible prospect to the table she has to overhaul her image.

So, changing her style and having a private instructor (fitness) is essential to achieving her goals in dating. Now she is getting somewhere; ok with all that accomplished she can network by attending balls and fund-raising events. But, it does not mean she will get what she wants. After her five year plan, now in the third year and after hundred and forty eight dates in the past three years and five relationships, two marriage proposals which she turned down.

She is still a single woman and still dating. Her friends either congratulate her for being bold, or frown and tell her to wait till she is chosen. Easy for some to say and think of the old traditional ways but if you are feeling left out and added peer pressure. What are you to do I ask you?.

Charles Keel: I hope visiting my website helped solve your problem! Please bookmark this website and come back for more. We aim to provide unique dating advice articles.Love At First Sight

Love At First Sight

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