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Five top things to know about a DNA Paternity Test

Whilst the awareness about DNA Paternity testing has greatly increased throughout most of the world, there is still a lot of information about the test that is not known. The following are the five top things to know about a DNA Paternity Test: 1. Most accurate method of determining biological relationships A DNA Paternity test is the most accurate way of determining a biological relationship between an alleged father/mother and their child.

Whilst in the past blood grouping analysis was used as a screening method, the relevance of this test has been greatly reduced as the level of accuracy of this type of test is low compared to the result of a DNA test. A DNA paternity test will provide 100% certainty of exclusion and 99.9%+ probability of inclusion.

2. Difference between an At-Home Paternity Test and a Legal Paternity Test The difference between an At-Home Paternity Test (also called Curiosity Test) and a Legal Paternity Test is not the actual result but the way in which the sample collection is performed. For an At-Home Paternity test, a home dna kit is normally sent to the requesting party. The kit will normally include i) oral swabs to take the saliva sample, ii) documentation to provide relevant information including consent iii) instructions and terms and conditions of sale.

The sample is taken by the parties themselves who are participating in the test. In a Legal DNA Paternity Test, the sample collection must follow a strict chain of custody procedure. All samples need to be collected and documented by a independent third party (normally a qualified general practitioner or nurse) who will be responsible to verify and authenticate the samples. The actual result of the paternity in terms of the biological relationship will not differ.

3. Always select a properly accredited laboratory Always chose to do your paternity test through a company that uses an ISO17025 and/or AABB accredited laboratory. This will ensure the quality and accuracy of the results. Also make sure that when report the result a full DNA profile is provided for the 16 loci analysed, as well as the statistical probability of paternity.

A simple Yes/No answer should not be deemed acceptable. 4. Paternity tests can be performed without the sample of the mother To perform a DNA Paternity test the sample of the Mother is not necessary to obtain an accurate result. However, when available, it is always recommended that the sample of the Mother is also provided.

Only in specific cases will the sample of the mother provide more accurate results such in the case of gene mutation. Many companies offer to test the mother at no extra charge. 5. DNA can be obtained from a diverse range of samples It is possible to obtain DNA from a number of other sources such as hair, blood, semen and items such as cigarette butts and a toothbrush.

Whilst the current standard is to use an oral swab to collect saliva samples, in cases where a person may not be physically present, able or willing to donate a sample, then alternate samples can be obtained.

Kevin Camilleri writes articles for dna paternity test. Other articles written by the author related to paternity testing, home paternity test and paternity test kit can be found on the net.

Five top things to know about a DNA Paternity Test

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