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Have you ever been in a relationship and your partner "cheated" on you? Or, have you ever been dumped for another? Many of us have, sad but true. Recently I went through something similar. I had been friends with this guy for over three years. We've been in a relationship for a while and it was going well or so I thought. He moved away temporarily because of work. He was coming back so it wouldn't have been for long.

One Friday night he went out to see a movie with friends. The Monday after, when I spoke with him, he told me that he met some new people. And on Sunday he had coffee with one and chatted till late that night. Then he also mentioned that he was on the phone with her before and she's sitting on the beach etc. That already got my mind racing. I asked him about her. He told me they were friends. He made it more than clear that they were only friends.

On Thursday he phoned me and told me that he's confused about me and her. He thinks he's in love with her. It was a really emotional conversation and he asked for time, which I gave him. On Saturday he phoned me and told me its over between us and that he's in love with this girl.

Now the point of this story isn't to just share what happened its more to help those with broken hearts realize a few things...

I had other friends whom I could talk to and spend time with during my emotional time, so it was quite easy to forget what happened over that weekend that he told it was over. I cried once over him and that was the Saturday night. When I texted him for some comfort, all I wanted was something like *You'll be okay...* but all I got was *I cant sms you now I'm with her*. When I woke up the next morning I was still hurting and I still am because I lost a friend too.

The moral of the story is the little phrase I worked out for myself...and this is something I think can fit any person who is emotionally hurting because of a broken relationship. My phrase goes like this... --S/he doesn't deserve my tears, s/he doesn't deserve me...and most of all s/he doesn't deserve my love -- :)

I hope you can identify with something here...for that split second when he broke my heart I thought as many of us do, that my life is now officially a mess and that I wont ever find another guy. But when it sunk in and I told myself that he doesn't deserve me....then you also realise (as the song goes) Life goes on and its only gonna make you stronger :)

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