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The Big, Bad Breakup

You know how they always say that breaking up is hard to do. I know offhand that it is true. Especially now that I just broke up with my boyfriend. But let me tell you, there IS hope! This article is mainly for girls, since I am in fact a girl, but I hope that you guys out there might also find it interesting. Even though I'm not all the way over him, I know some good tips that I have heard through my years.

Ok, so it just happened, the guy you thought was the absolute, greatest, most AWESOME guy in the world, breaks up with you, or you dump him. No matter what the reason it still really hurts. I mean how much time did you spend with him? Probably a lot! So do you know what the first step is? CRY, I mean let it all rip, go into your room, be with a close friend, whatever, just as long as you feel comfortable crying! Think of every little detail and just cry, you will feel so much better. But whatever you do, make sure you DON'T call him, I know that it is hard but your chances of getting over him go way down if you keep in contact with him during the "mourning period." Now don't think that you need to be in school bawling your head off, I'm sure you know the appropriate place.

So now that you are done bawling (which by the way doesn't go as fast as this article is moving) Put everything away that reminds you of him. Don't throw it away, there may be stuff that you want to keep, and now really isn't the best time to be sorting through the love letters because you probably feel like putting them up a certain place... but that's a whole different story!

After putting all of that stuff away you won't forget him probably, hang out with friends, try to be in situations where you can smile and be yourself. No matter what a lot of people say most people are a little bit different when with a person you like because you want to make good impressions. If you aren't feeling the best when you are alone, just write everything down about how you feel and what you miss. One thing that really works to help you get through it is write down everything that you couldn't stand at all! I mean if he chewed his fingernails, or ate with his fingers, anything like that. Keep it somewhere so when you think about how much you miss him you will remember everything you don't miss!

One big mistake that many people make is talking bad about their ex, it really doesn't make the other person feel the best when a person that they really did care about says mean stuff about them behind their back. Keep it in your journal all the bad things, and only tell your best friends your true feelings, the ones you know won't say a word!

Another mistake that many people make is concentrating on all the things that went wrong, the should haves, could haves, wish I hads, and would haves. But you can't change that. So concentrate on the future, you can't change what you have done, but you can change what you do! That's always nice to know!

After a couple of weeks things should start to get better, if they don't try talking with an adult, this may have triggered major feelings in you and can't be handled on your own. Just remember that it was probably a good learning experience and that there are MANY other fish in that sea!

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