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The key to memorable, romantic, tantalizing moments is CREATIVITY.
No matter what phase of a relationship you are in, even if you're just friends, stop and think a little before you blurt, "Ah, um, how 'bout a movie?"
Movies are great, but it's the unique combination of events that can change the good time into the great.

For example: The movie.
Say you're going to the original classic "King Kong." First, you stop by the zoo and visit the gorillas, share a banana split, shop for stuffed animals.

Then you go to the movie.

OR, look for something completely out of the ordinary. You can check for your own local extraordinary adventure at Digital City - just enter your zip code and get all the fun stuff to do in your own town!!

Try that Salsa dancing you've been wondering about!!!
Go for it the first time - together... That'll be a date to remember!
If you're friends, and you try new activities, you'll have great memories and can help each other grow.

Even simple, everyday things can be fun - like sharing cooking a special dinner...
With the right approach - it can work into a very romantic evening.

If you're more than friends, or want to be, and you come up with unique ways to play, you'll at least seem more intriguing to your potential partner-to-be.
The bottom line is that in your relationship, you took the time and effort to come up with and plan something special.

That means a lot to the other person. It means you cared enough to take some time out of your harried schedule just to think of something to please someone else.

Nice. Very nice.

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