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Flirting Online

You might be asking yourself, "How in the world do you flirt online?" With the online dating services today, you will find a number of ways to flirt. For starters, many of the larger dating services are designed with built-in tools that do all the flirting for you. These would include sending someone a wink, a special message, or blowing someone a kiss.

In addition to using the site design, many online daters have mastered the art of flirting by using certain codes, as you will see from the table below. In addition to saving you time, you can use these codes to add a little flirtation into the conversation.


Code Meaning
CUL8R See you later
F2F Face to Face
<G> Grin
GMTA Great minds think alike
HLOL Hysterically laughing out loud
HTH Hope this helps
ISO In search of
J/K Just kidding
LOL Laughing out loud
NRN No reply necessary

Although these may seem simple, they are fun and harmless ways to flirt. Keep in mind that these are just a few of the many hundreds of options.

You can even buy books that are filled with flirting shortcuts for online dating. Other ways to keep the interest and flirtation going would include the following:
  • Try to respond to your e-mails as quickly as you can. This shows the person sending the message that you have interest and will make him or her feel good about corresponding with you.

  • Start out by asking innocent questions. For example, when you first start communication with someone, you could ask, "Did you do anything special this week?" or "Do you have any great plans for the weekend?" This will help you learn more about the person without seeming nosey. After you have been communicating with someone special for a while, you can use innocent questions to see if you can find an opening in time when the two of you might meet.

  • Another way to flirt is by hinting at something interesting without actually giving away too much information. Perhaps you could say something like, "After this last weekend, I had to buy a new pair of shoes." Your comment leaves much to the imagination, drawing the person into the conversation and interested in learning what you did over the weekend that required the new shoes.

  • Remind yourself that just a little will go a long way. Although a good joke or pun is fun, too much of a good thing will ruin it all. Therefore, keep your messages nice and short but interesting. If a day goes by and you have not heard from that person, rather than inundate the individual’s mailbox with messages, leave one short, sweet message that provides a small hint to prompt him or her to reply.

  • Finally, when you log out for the day, leave a slightly suggestive sign off. For example, most people usually write something such as, "Talk to you later" or "Have a good night." Why not take it one-step further and sign off with "It was nice talking to you" or "Wish I was saying good night in person."
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