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Pick Up Lines That Work - How To Start A Conversation

Some pick up lines are unbecoming, boring and rude. For example how often have you heard bad pick up lines such as: "Did it hurt? When you fell from heaven, did it hurt?" "Do I know you from somewhere?" "I lost my number, can I have yours?" Using a line like these will get you nowhere with a woman fast, chances are she will not even speak to you. But because the bad pick up lines get so much attention, people think ALL pick up lines are like this. However, this is not correct. A good pick up line will actually do what it says - help you pick up a girl! The true point in using pick up lines is to begin a conversation.

It is as simple as that, merely to engage a woman in conversation. After the woman begins talking with you, then you work your magic of getting her to date you, her telephone number and the emotional connection. If you cannot begin a conversation, you can do little else.

You want something more that just talking to a woman; you want to engage her in a good conversation. Drawing her into your conversation is the only means of continuing your relationship journey. And guess what? A good pick up line will do that! It is natural to be nervous when going out to meet women, being unsure what to say; however, most often you miss your chance to meet a good woman, simply because it takes to long to think up something to say.

It is essential to have at least a couple of good working pick up lines, especially for those times when you are nervous and cannot think of anything original that helps you take action. But don't be fooled into thinking you can get away with a line like: "Don't I know you from somewhere?" All women know this to be a lame pick up line. You might think you're being clever when you say this, but you're not.

Other unimpressive pick up lines include complimenting a woman on her clothing, asking for directions and telling her she looks like a movie star. Why do you think this is? Because these things do not ENGAGE the girl. Once she responds, there is nothing to keep her in the conversation. Avoid pick up lines that have yes and no answers. Good pick up lines get a woman to think about her reply, while inducing an emotional reaction, which encourages her to continue talking with you.

So how do you engage a girl? Asking her opinion of something is the easiest way to do this, since each woman has an opinion and they like sharing their ideas, especially about relationships. Good pick up lines work like this, for example. Say something to the woman, like this, Hi, I need you opinion on something, do you think it is normal for a woman to try to time a pregnancy so that her baby is born within a particular zodiac sign? I would really like to hear the opinion of a woman about this subject.

Then you can follow up with a story about how you know a woman who wants to make sure her kid's zodiac signs are compatible with hers so they will be well behavied as they grow up. These various types of subjects for conversation can be about: 1. Astrology 2. Children 3. Pregnancy 4. Marriage 5.

Relationships The places you can go with this type of line are limitless. Here are some of my favorite follow-ups. "Are you a believer in astrology?" (This can begin conversations about destiny and fate.) "What sign are you?" (this leads into your sign compatibility with her - HINT: no matter what her sign is, you're compatible!) "Are you fond of children? You seem very nurturing." I could go on and on, but you get the idea. So as you can see, this pick up line is designed to pull the girl into a deep and interesting conversation, and gives you the opportunity to get to know her better and allow her to become familiar with you.

This is how conversations are started! Once you reach this point, ask for her telephone number and set up your first date.

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Pick Up Lines That Work - How To Start A Conversation

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