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Enroll in Seduction

Guys listen and make sure to listen good. There is more to life than letting your testosterones lead your life. If your idea of seduction merely involves getting a woman to take her clothes off, then you need a lesson in the art of seduction 101. Majority of women still want romance and intimacy than quick sex.

So just before you become too engrossed in locker room talk - wherein the topic is one's macho-ness - stop, look and listen. Read the following helpful tips and advice that if followed could lead to better seduction prowess. Be empathetic Being seductive starts with thinking of the other party more than yourself. Guys are genetically pre-disposed to being stimulated visually more than women. This basically translates to seeing something likable and deciding early on that that is what you want.

Though this concept applies to purchasing sneakers, this definitely does not apply to the seduction of women. See how you are from her end. Slow down and do not race to the climax. Believe it or not, this could be an effective way to be ahead your own peers. Plan way ahead Spontaneity is always good in a relationship. However, a planned evening romance is always appreciated by women.

Make women know that you are seriously thinking of her welfare and ways to give her pleasure. One thing you could do is to send your woman an invitation for an evening intimacy date either through mail or to send it to her work. What follows after the date is anyone's wild guess.

You could also leave a short note on her bed pillow. This way she could read it as she is to go to sleep. She could also have a dream about you, a wet and raunchy one (wink-wink). Set the seduction mood When the intimacy date night arrives, make sure the mood is appropriately set. It could be good to replace those pile of bills on the coffee table to a vase of flowers instead.

Replace that heavy metal cd playing on your player with romantic - if not subtly seductive - music. Clean the room, vacuum the carpet. You could end up rolling on the floor, so better be safe and lint free than sorry. Give her gifts that spell romance Of course you need not break the bank for her. The point is to make her feel valuable and appreciated enough.

Chocolates are a good idea and an inexpensive one at that. It could also be used later on in bed. Jewelry is also good, it doesn't have to be a ring.

It could be a simple earring or a bracelet. There are also miniature little books available in book stores that have topics that range from love, romance to seduction. These are available in check out book counters such as Barnes & Noble.

Skip the chores Stop, look and listen. Even for just a night. The chores can wait and will still be there anyway when tomorrow comes. What is important is the moment you have with the woman you are having to spend the night or - if everything goes right - morning with. Pay attention to her. It always pays off in the end.

All in all, seduction is easy if you pay more attention to her than how you are doing being with her.

Having trouble meeting women? Check out this excellent guide on the seduction of women from a womans point of view on the art of seduction!

Enroll in Seduction 101

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