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Big Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Chances Of Getting And Keeping The Girl

Sometimes in order to succeed we need to fail first. It also helps if another person will point out the mistakes that we are making. Today Im going to share with you a few mistakes that I have made with women and share them with you.

Mistake #1: Thinking Woman Stay Attracted

How many relationships and marriages could be saved if the man realized that he has to keep her attracted, interested in him, and excited with where things are going between them? Probably allot!

You cant impress a woman with one great date or even a few clever lines. It all has to be maintained for a long period of time.

Women can and do get bored very fast. Every time you see her you almost have to treat her as if you are meeting again for the very first time. So dont lay off with flirting just because you think she wants you.

Mistake #2: Waiting For Her

If your a really great guy you wont wait for her. You wont wait for her to show up, you wont wait for her calls, you wont wait for her emails, or anything else. Ive done a fair bit of waiting.

I can tell you it will not work. If she can find something else to do with her time then she will do it. She will call you when she feels like it. Often when she does call it will be because she realizes that she misses you.

Mistake #3: Waiting For Her To Want You

This overlaps with number 2, but it needs to be singled out. Women like emotional highs. Whatever gives her an emotional high right now is what she will move towards. Last night you might have been her emotional high.

What about tomorrow or next week? By then she may have moved on to something else or even another guy. The solution? Have your own life and date more women. Never assume she is yours until she has that long conversation with you.

Mistake #4: Giving Her Permission To Use You Poorly

This is mostly a nice guy problem.

She may say something about you in front of her friends or your friends that you may not like. You cant tolerant this behavior because she will lose respect for you. Pull her to the side and tell her you dont like her talking about you in that way.

Another problem that comes up is giving her permission to flake out on you when you have plans.

You have to learn to rub her a little bit in the right way. If you let her away with it you are just training her to do it again.

Mistake #5: Planning Too Much Instead Of Being Spontaneous

There is nothing wrong with doing some planning. But often when you make plans you are creating expectations. After awhile she knows what she can expect from you.

This increases her chances of breaking the plans you have made because you have lost your ability to surprise her. Try to live your life a little bit more in the moment. This includes your entire life.


About the Author (text)Tyler Moss teaches men how to flirt with women. How would you like to meet, date, and attract the woman of your dreams? Now you can by visiting http://www.charmingmanblog.com/

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5 Big Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Chances Of Getting And Keeping The Girl

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